Creative ideas for bride’s Grand-Entrance at Wedding



Why have an ordinary grand entrance when you can have an extraordinary one? It is your big day, after all! Whether you’re working with an unlimited budget or you don’t have a ton of money to spare, there are so many ways to arrive at your reception in style that you might as well do something out of the box.


Go the Flash Mob way


What better way to surprise your guests than with a flash mob only your wedding party knows about? Once the bride and groom are announced, the DJ shall change the song, cuing the full ballroom of guests to come to the dance floor where the flash mob will begin. It is sure to entice the crowd and make everyone blush with curiosity to look at the ever-effervescent bride.


Go big or go home


For brides whose wedding budgets know no bounds, it doesn’t get any grander than showing up at the reception in a helicopter. Also, the adventurous brides can try a kabuki drop and let the audience gape with awe. The one with a ski-boat shall also turn heads.


Put on a show


Impress your guests with some talents of your own! Breakdance your way onto the dance floor, sing for the crowd and just be yourself for this big day of your life. Dance like no one is watching and swing with your life partner to find yourself right where you belong.


Do a silhouette entrance


Try something different and fun by using a projection screen to create your silhouette for your guests to see. You can start your first dance behind the screen and then proceed to the dance floor. It makes for a gorgeous photo. Plus, it’s a total crowd pleaser too.


Like our ancestors did


Enter like a queen, in a palki. Only problem with this- with you sitting inside the contraption, a lot of your outfit etc is hidden from everyone, but also serves as a surprise element when you exit. Does that seem more relatable to you and your mom?


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