Create your own spa at home

skincare-spa-beauty-health-fashion-lifestyle-magazine-homeremedies-create-your-own-spa-at-homeWe women these days get to do so many things, juggling between work, kids and other domestic affairs. Stress, constant pressure to meet all things odd, satisfying the food cravings of dear hubbies and the list goes endless and changes with every woman. Amidst all these hectic things, do you ever think of allotting time for yourselves? I mean your own bodily indulgence, your own care & attention on your needs? Well that lies in your hands.

I have spent most of my days attending to my babies, feeding them, pleading them to go early to bed, apart from helping them complete their home work. So, now since I feel it’s already too late and that I should attend to myself , I have zeroed in on a way of pampering myself a little. Don’t you think we all deserve something like this?

Enrich Your Health with a rejuvenating Bath

Yes, a bath at the end of the day does make a good deal of difference for you. Try it yourselves and you’ll find it extremely relaxing , stress-busting and worth the time taken. Use some good soothing and healing agents along with hot water that will help your muscles relax, and hydrolyze. Taking time away from the constant exposure to mobile phones, work schedule, and people, for a healthy bath will not only spoil you for good but will give you a good night’s sleep. A wholesome sleep will in turn prove to be a boon for your overall well-being. What more can you ask or need? Isn’t that a wonderful idea?

Great products you can use

If you’re inspired by luxury and believe in quality living , then a few products lined below, will actually add that glow to your life. Make your life a better experience with the help of these products that can make you create an everlasting impression on people around. After a night’s bath, I’m sure that you’ll sense that your skin feels so supple and subtle that you cannot stop caressing it.

Lavender ad mint foot treatment kit

This product offers a complete foot care solution. Your feet are the most sensitive part of the body, the most exposed and thus need proper care. They constantly endure abrasions from rough surfaces, tight footwear , and exposure to bad weather and pollution. So this product is a complete solution to all foot problems.

Spa stones

Spa stones made by crystalline salts obtained from deep ocean beds are of immense help for relieving your body from stress. You can use these stones for massage and rejuvenate yourselves.

Neck and Back Massage chair

This chair can be used for massaging before your bath. After the use of it, you would find it as a new way from the away stressful  world.


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