Craftroots opens megastore in Delhi

Craftroots, an initiative that connects the traditional Gujarati artisans and their craft to the global market, opens its first megastore in Delhi. This three level 3,000 sq. ft. store will showcase and sell five craft forms from Gujarat.

This is first such megastore to be opened outside Gujarat and it will showcase traditional craftworks from the state including bandhni, rogan, mudwork, mashru, bamboowork, ajrakh, stonework, brasswork, pottery, traditional jewellery, various embroidery, patchwork, beadwork, lacquer work, batik, weaving, block printing, leather products, matani pachhedi, warli painting, and handmade paperwork amongst others.

Founder of Craftroots, Anarben Patel, said during the occasion, “A forward linkage program of Gramshree, Craftroots has successfully supported and revived many ancient craft forms by adding value to the ecosystem. Craftroots is working towards the creation of an encouraging ecosystem for the crafts with an aim to add value to the progress of artisans – the carriers of these ancient traditions.”

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