Cool Workplaces across the World

We’ve all felt the Monday Blues, the disappointment of realizing the weekend is done. But what if your office was so cool, you run to work everyday? Don’t believe us?  Check out these cool offices from around the world, that are so brilliant you’ll be scouring the internet for jobs right away!

Selgas Cano, Madrid

When architects design offices for themselves, brilliant designs are bound to follow suit. The Selgas Cano office in Madrid, designed by the architects of the same name for their own firm is nothing short of brilliant!




The office which is located near a forest is half immersed into the ground so that the employees have an eye level view of the forest! The soothing environment helps the employees have a more vibrant creative environment.



Inventionland- Pittsburgh



This corporate headquarters for an invention promotion firm is nothing like any other office you’ve seen! With fifteen different sets in the office ranging from pirate ships, race tracks, and faux caves, to red carpet walkways, a castle, or a giant robot. It’s no surprise why this office made it to our list.

There’s nothing more badass than a pirate ship. Rawwr…



Or a castle for that matter



Microsoft- Vienna

A number of colorful, fresh, and eye-catching design elements come together in Vienna to create Microsoft’s most creative space yet.


Look at the board room.. We could stay here forever!



And the elegant lounge gets as classy as ever!




Quirky yet cutting edge design define the workspaces of Google’s London office. Renowned interior designers PENSON were given the task of creating this space and boy, did they do a brilliant job.


Can a lounge get more lazy and slouchy?



And as Brit as it gets…


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