In conversation with creative minds behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s warrior look in ‘Raabta’

Three years back when three people from different walks of life started the journey of luxury brand ‘The V Renaissance’ (TVR), they were very clear about their vision to make it regal and genuine and that’s the reason they made it swiftly and managed to work for big banners with their creative instincts. Artist trio, including photographer Vipul Amar, graphic designer Gireesh Nair, and psychologist Harsheen Arora recently worked on the warrior look of Sushant Singh Rajput in ‘Raabta’ that got a lot of attention. His ultra-realistic period look as a warrior was designed and developed by the trio who specializes in leather designs. In a free-wheeling conversation with us, Vipul Amar talked about the journey and process of crafting the impeccable outfit and the future plans for TVR.

Collaboration Call

I still remember the day when Maxima walked-in to our studio and we were busy in the process of finalising our vintage collection. She came through a common point of contact because earlier also we had been related with hindi cinema and have contributed at a larger platform in terms of unique concept and designs. Once she observed the studio, she instantly said-looking for something similar. And from there it all started and ended with our privilege of working with the team of Raabta.

Idea & Implementation

The costume had to tell Jilan’s story and that’s exactly the story we aimed at narrating. During the process of creation, the costume went through everything that we imagined the character to have gone through. We literally went to different museums and labs to ask for arms to make the outfit go through all of it so that the natural marks can be created. The outfit was supposed to be the character’s second skin. And to make it perfect we had to analyse every minute detailing so that Sushant feels comfortable while performing action sequences. It had to be strong enough to fight against all weather conditions and animal attacks.

Time & Treatment

When Maxima visited our studio and we were finally on board for the project, we had about 20 days to craft the pieces. To be specific about the material, TVR’s special hand-finished leather was used for the costume and age old techniques of crafting and finishing leather were used to create the pieces that helped in making it look as realistic as possible.


(Laughs) Each piece was been created without a single seam because we realized that the character would not have had the luxury of threads or needles given the starkness of the terrain and the sheer rawness of the era. It was a tough yet adventurous deal for us as designers and we enjoyed it to core.

Hardships Highlight

Ofcourse, there were tough times. But when you are working on such projects your enthusiasm to explore overpowers such difficulties and then the outcome becomes inspiring for future projects. And this is what happened in Raabta project. The short duration was a challenge, but we managed to convert it into a positive point for us and I think it really worked (smiles).

Future File

To be frank, we as a label believe in moving with the time and explore. Whatever comes our way, we explore and keep creating new avenues. For now we are working on luxury furniture, accessories and clothing all crafted with genuine leather. And it is always good to connect with clients who understand the value of it and looks with the same perspective, because they are our real target audiences too.


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