How confident Women deal with their relationship

Not everyone is perfect and no one should expect a relationship to be happy and perfect always. However, much of how happy you want the relationship to be could totally depend on who you are as a person. Confident girls do some things differently and generally tend to be happier in their relationships. So, are you a confident girl?


She goes Dutch


She knows that if equality is to work, it should work both ways. She finds the “guys should pay for everything” logic extremely flawed. She insists on going dutch every time and if not that she likes to take turn to pick up the check. And this is something she is always respected for!


She knows exactly when to put herself first



Yes, there are times when she will need to put her guy, friends or family first but she knows exactly when she needs to be selfish. She knows that she’s earned every right to be selfish and that is why she doesn’t feel guilty about it.


She never doubts how she is in bed


She is a Goddess in bed and she knows it too. She knows what she likes and dislikes and isn’t ashamed of any of it. She doesn’t ask for validation about her body or what she looks like because she already knows she slays.


She doesn’t put up with ill-manners


If her man pisses her off, she will make sure that such behaviour is never repeated. Even if it’s something small, she’s isn’t afraid to talk about how she’s feeling.


She makes sure that she’s treated as an equal


She can do everything he can do and probably do some of it better too. It’s a fact of life, isn’t it? She makes sure that she is treated as an equal in and out of the relationship.

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