CompareMunafa: Platform to improvise transparency in e-commerce retail, a fast-growing e-shopping portal which proves the concept of online shopping mall has urged its growing customer base to beware of imposters online with similar names. The recent cases of wrongdoing by fake imposters have brought to light a serious concern where innocent customers have been cheated.

Speaking about the issue, Legal advisor, said, “It has been observed that customers are being cheated with false promises and fake products by a certain shopping portal named We have brought the cause to the notice of authorities and are hopeful that the miscreants will be dealt with as per the law. Meanwhile, we would like to advise our customers to not fall for false promises and do their research before purchasing anything from online portals. does not sell products but is an aggregator bringing you the best of products from over 250 trusted online sales points in a manner that makes your shopping experience safer, better, faster and profitable.” is an online marketplace to not only facilitate purchasing of items at the best price but to provide users the best shopping experience. Customers can choose the most valuable products across various trusted partners and a number of brands while allows them to earn loyalty points at every purchase.

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