This Comic Illustrator is Totally Embracing Life with Body Positivity

Kripa Joshi came up with an unique concept of breaking the age-old stereotype of fat women who are seen as “misfits” and often addressed with puns in the society. We fail to adhere what this beautiful illustrator had in mind when she came up with mind blowing creative on “Body Positive” and how she dedicated them to her mother who’s on a heavier side but her energy and zeal to complete all the tasks has always been unparallel. Now that’s what we call a true inspiration ladies!







She further added ,” The name Miss Moti cropped because a friend of mine used to call me moti. I wanted to change this negative connotation into a positive one. I liked the fact moti could mean a plump woman, but if you pronounced the ‘T’ differently, it could also mean a pearl. So, the name, and her logo, suggests that Miss Moti might look plump and ordinary, but on the inside, she could be extraordinary and a gem of a person.”















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