CliniqueXCrayola Collaboration is the best way to start 2017

Remember when we were kids, and we would use our crayons as pretend lipsticks, since we were obviously not allowed to use the real deal? Well, looks like some childhood fantasies do come true! In a unique move, beauty, skincare, and makeup brand, Clinique, has announced a collaboration with worldwide favourite crayon brand, Crayola, come May 2017.

The brand has announced that it will launch a limited edition range of Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balms evocative of the childhood pleasures of colouring outside the lines. Working closely with Crayola, Clinique will introduce a number of products named much like those of our favourite crayon hues — Razzmatazz, Mango Tango, and Tickle Me Pink are a few shades you can expect. The idea is to let your imagination go wild and to unleash your childlike creativity. Safe to say, your makeup routine will be more fun than ever before.


This limited edition range will be available for a certain period of time from May 2017 at select Clinique stores across India.

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