Celebrities and their Million Dollar Ride

Salman Khan


Salman’s obsession with swanky cars and bikes is known to everyone. His huge collection includes BMW X6, Land Rover, Range Rover Vogue, Audi R8 and Lexus LX570. Whoa!

Amitabh Bachchan


He has an enviable collection of more than 20 cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom, costing approximately 3.4 crore.

Aamir Khan


Mr. Perfectionist seems to own the most expensive car in Bollywood. The actor owns a customised bomb-proof Mercedes S600, which costed him around 10 crore.

John Abraham


He’s not just a bike aficionado but an overall automobile fan. His love can be found in the garage including a black Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi Q7 and a modified Maruti Gypsy. Pretty cool…isn’t it?!

Ranbir Kapoor


And this cute lad stealing hearts in Bollywood zooms his red Audi R8 which looks like a killer diva.

Shahid Kapoor


Jaguar XKR-S, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz GL Class…to name a few, envious?

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