Celebrating Ambition : Adah Sharma

Celebration has a different meaning and purpose to all. For actress Adah Sharma, it is part of daily life which has a major role to play with family, happy moments and her passion for acting and dancing in lead role.



The first elocution completion in my school, the first prize I won in sports or when I stood first in school dance competition, every single achievement has been a stepping stone to my bright career and I have always celebrated it as an event with pomp and show. And as I grew up, I realized that sharing one plate of sweets and fighting over the last bite is what you called celebration, recollects sultry beauty Adah Sharma as she relaxes herself on the white recliner placed near the giant window of her plush suite in Shangri-La. I started my acting career and used to relax in my hotel room dreaming of maing it larger in life. And today, it’s about celebration in my life, when I look back at my journey and the amount of content work I have done states voluptuous Ada who has worked for Karan johar’s Hassee Toh Phassee.




Celebration means color, drama, laughter and much more, but for Adah celebration has altogether a different meaning, which she has derived after spending years with her family which looks for celebration in even the smallest moments of life. It was my first stage performance in school and afterwards we celebrated as we won some big honor at that age. During that age I never understood what celebration was all about, but today, when I look back I find myself blessed to be taught such minute details of life to be happy and content and value all the important details.



The glamour industry has it’s own way and meaning of celebration. Adah who has been working in mainstream and regional cinema feels that this world has it’s own way of perceiving things, but as far as happiness and celebration is concerned, she has a different opinion and states “I think it’s more upon an individual and how he or she takes it and that altogether defines the industry. Here, celebration revolves around the success of film, but in real life, that is not the only thing. I strongly feel that a genuine effort is worth celebration.

Breaking the societal norms might sound strange to others but for Adah it has been about celebrating her existence and making ways to achieve her dreams of being on the silver screen.  She admits “ The decision to quit education was never an easy task but touchwood my family always supported and understood me” At some point, m granny was disheartened but gradually with my success in films made her understand that my decision was correct.


In the age of social media and internet where every celebration is incomplete without a selfie or Instagram update, 1920 fame actress Adah feels that when you’re happy inside, that is the biggest celebration for an individual. “I know that the profession where I work requires you to be socially active and I appreciate that but that does not bound you to share everything. The line between the private and public has to be maintained.” Adah who is socially active on Facebook and Instgaram finds it an interesting medium and states ,”today when I look back at the year of 80’s I feel surprised. “ During that time the only space where you could watch the celebrities was 70mm theatre screen, otherwise witnessing an actor or actress was a far cry.

Food and celebration is inseparable in a country like India, where every festival and celebration begins with sweets and ends with sweets. Adah recollects, I remember my childhood days, when festivals were all about sweets. For me , it was more of spending time with family and I am more of a pizza lover. Surprisingly, her whatsapp status also reads “DND unless you’re pizza”


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