Caramel manicure-pedicure is something that you should try this season.


There is a never ending to-do list for our weekend, but we hardly complete half of it. Most of us fail to take proper care of ourselves because of the busy schedule. Relaxation and a little bit of pampering is must for everyone. Body spa, hair spa, pedicure-manicure are some of the essential things you need in the weekend before you step out of the house to party with your friends. There is a new beauty trend which is loved by many women these days. Why getting those old manicure and pedicure done when you have something new in town waiting for you. Yes guys you have guessed it right we are talking about the new therapy- caramel manicure and pedicure.



The caramel mani-pedi treatment is started by Nail salons in Khar, Andheri, Colaba and Beach Candy. The caramel manicure-pedicure treatment has been introduced for summer-parched hands and feet, dry with layers on layers of dead skin that does little to help them keep cool.



The caramel and sugar cane treatment starts with soaking your hand and feet in hot water with rose petals and a caramel mix. Then it is scrubbed with a caramel scrub made out of raw sugar and walnut husks. Then the hands and your feet are soaked in buttermilk to soften it which also exfoliates and hydrates the rough skin. Lastly a sugar balm is used to give a soft massage to your skin at the end. We all know raw sugar is natural and it exfoliates your skin keeping it cool in the summer months. While honey and milk powder helps in renewal of cells and formation of collagen that helps rebuild skin’s elasticity.Manicure-And-Pedicure


This is something new and is in my to-do list for this weekend. So try out caramel this time for your mani-pedi session. The sweet scent of rich caramel isn’t bad at all and it is definitely not adding any calories to your body.

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