Bring some Art Deco Glam to your Bedroom

If you are looking for unique bedroom design ideas, chances are you’ve been looking pretty long and hard. Most design and decorating ideas conform to a particular style or period, and require you to do the same. If conformity is not what you are looking for, then it is probably time for you to explore art deco bedroom decorating ideas. Leaning towards a more free style approach towards decorating, art deco basically refers to combining classic design ideas with more contemporary designs and trends to create designs that are truly unique and eclectic and personalized to your tastes.


Fancy Headboards


When it comes to using inspiration from art deco for your bedroom decoration, it is important to remember that very piece of decor needs to be not only functional and detailed but beautiful enough to appear as a work of art in its own right. Plain beds give way to glamorous and creative art deco shaped headboards in velvet or taffeta and add a wealth of glamour and drama to the bed.


Drapes and Fabrics


Art deco can be expressed in a multitude of ways and beautiful flowing drapes are one way to express your creativity and uniqueness. Long flowing floor to ceiling drapes in rich fabrics like silk and royal shades like black and roman gold teamed up matching silk and satin bed sheets, coverlets and duvets as well as pillows and cushions can work beautifully to heighten the sense of drama and excitement in the master bedroom.


Astonishing Accents


When trying to go the posh way, why not add some drama with these Gatsy-esque inspired accessories. Metallic and earthy accents make for an appealing yet mesmerizing outlook. Enhance the sheer beauty of your bedroom by incorporating heavy embellished statement accessories. Investing in such pieces will add instant glam to your room.




One of the best ways to give your bedroom decorating idea a glamorous art deco makeover is to employ lighting that fits the bill. In most art deco inspired bedrooms the chandelier serves as the focal point bringing drama, luxury and glamour to an otherwise neutral background. Expansive chandeliers in brass and gold, even chrome plated or glass ones embellished with motifs work beautifully. The grander the scale and size of the chandelier, the better it is.




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