Brewing Beauty

As Bobbi Brown rightly said “Makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” Ladies, we’ve curated some of the looks from the runway for your perfect must-try list that will outglow your inner beauty in the perfect way.


So here is a perfect blend of sexy and chic:


No Gloss, Just the Perfect NudeNo makeup blook adds subtle luxury to your outfit and its beauty is in the fact that its basic.   1


Double the liner

Bolder eyes with the double line is so glam track. Its sexy and seductive.2



Feeling Blue

Shades and splashes of blues with pigments, eyeshadows or liners creates the beautiful look.




Shine, Shimmer, Glitter and Dazzle

Dazzle with sequins and glitter palettes for an angelic and romantic mood.




Tip Nail, the French way

Try out the new angular sleek tips or nail ends with a punch of color.



Bold Lips

When lips do the talking in shades of oxblood and other reds, no one can shut you up.



Hair Tucked and Sophisticated

The runway walks marked sophistication with hair tied and tucked perfectly in the cigarette ponytail.



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