#BreakTheRules : 5 Things You Can Absolutely Do At Work

We’ve grown up with clichés all around us (thank you Bollywood!)… from monster incarnate mothers-in-law to docile bahus and ‘bubbly’ chachis…you get the point! And bosses? Always mean, horrid task-masters who’d inspire terror in the the most brave-hearted. Office life? Unhappy, stressful and soul sucking. A bit unfair, we think! In today’s fast-changing world we’re seeing these stereotypes busted, and it’s high time! The professional world is so much more open, fun and rewarding than it used to be and we’re going to take joy in celebrating every little thing you thought you can’t do in the workplace, but actually CAN!

Lasting Friendship



With the amount of time you spend at work, it’s only natural that you form connections with like-minded colleagues. No one’s going to judge you for being social, share a joke and a few laughs over a cafeteria lunch. What’s great is, when you’re having a bit of a downswing at work, your friends will be right there to hoist you back up. And quick lunchtime shopping jaunts, sharing lunch dabba’s, post work drinks – all easily do-able!

Boss Friends


While respecting your boss (AND colleagues AND juniors) is a given, you may find yourself having a great personal equation with your boss based on shared interests. While a few years ago, you’d be seen as someone purely trying to ‘maskaa maroh’ the boss, no one’s going to blink an eyelid now!

Flaunt your Personal Style


If tailored shirts and trousers aren’t your thing, you’re not expected to stick by it like a uniform! You’re free to express your personal style, as long as it is office appropriate. No more boring brown-beige-grey-white-navy-black colour palette either! Feel free to add a heavy dose of colour to your wardrobe without feeling like a misfit.

Don’t fear judgment


So you like a couple of cocktails to take the edge of the work week? Or are in a live-in relationship with your boyfriend? 20 years ago you’d probably be labelled ‘loose’! No one’s going to judge you as long as your personal life doesn’t affect your work!

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