Boost your Stamina and Burn your Fat in 15 Minutes

With an increasing competition, inflation and rise in stress levels often affect our bodies in the least expected ways. From diabetes to blood pressure and cardiac arrests becoming increasingly common, it becomes extremely essential to invest in good health and focus on long-term body shaping and strengthening. Although there are various sources promising a lean figure in a limited 30 days and such but the fact that these money-making businesses are just a matter of sometime. In order to avoid such chronic diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle, we bring to you an easy peasy set of workout sessions. We assure you it will take only a mere 15 minutes.

Get up and get going:

Push Ups


A set of 10 push-ups for beginners and 30-50 for the experts is recommended on a daily basis. It is one exercise to strengthen the biceps and improve posture, expand abdomen and maintain a good posture.

Forward Lunges


Helps to strengthen your legs (both shin and calf) and provide a rapid blood flow metabolism through your cardiovascular system. A set of 20 reps each works best for beginners. This will help you to shape your legs and run a long mile.



An instant and quick fix formula for those who want something race and exciting while working out. Try burpees to play and innovate with the regular exercises. Burpees can be as creative as you want them to be. Do a plank, push up, stand down and jump – basic bupee for beginners while you can always add new exercises.

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