BMW Superbike is the Next Big Invention Ever

Are you one of those guys who hates to wear a helmet while riding a bike because it messes up your hair, BMW’s heard you.

According to TopGear, this Tuesday, at Santa Monica, California, BMW released a concept motorbike that is so intelligent, it eliminates the need for the rider to wear any kind of protective gear. So yeah, no need for a helmet. When on this bike, you can feel the wind in your hair.

The bike is the fourth and final instalment in the Vision Next series, celebrating 100 years of the German automobile giant. BMW has called it the future of motorcycles. And what exactly does that future hold?



For starters, the bike has a self-balancing system, that keeps it safely upright when motoring at high-speed and also when standing still. No need for a stand on the side, anymore. Just hop off and you’re good.

The bike basically, is like a gadget you can ride. One of the features, called “Digital Companion”, helps you enhance your experience by giving you riding advice and adjustment ideas.



Another thing that comes with the bike is called “The Visor”, which is a pair of glasses that can be controlled with eye movements.

The bike is built on a “flexframe” that makes changing directions much safer. It eliminates all the joints and so even if you twitch the handlebar just a little at a very high-speed, that won’t take you in a completely new direction altogether.


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