Best of the upcoming hollywood releases

A lot of good movies are expected to be released in the coming few months, and here’s the list of some of the hottest of them expected around in the next few weeks. Please note that the release dates are US release dates, but is also approximately the time when it will release here in India.


“Edge of Tomorrow”: Set for release on June 6th , 2014 by Warner Bros. the movie stars Tom Cruise as a battle worn soldier who has to go on an epic battle against an alien species who go on an unending assault on earth. The epic action of “Edge of Tomorrow” and directed by the same director who brought us “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, Doug Liman and it unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage now finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loop-forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again…and again. But with each battle, Cage becomes able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill, alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt). And, as Cage and Rita take the fight to the aliens, each repeated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the enemy.  Based on the Japanese  light novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, this movie promises edge of the seat action sequences and special graphics.


“Jupiter Ascending”: Set for release on July 18th,2014, this movie also from Warner Bros stars Mila Kunis “Jupiter Jones” as a toilet cleaner without much luck, even though she dreams of the stars. However, she is next person in line for a inheritance that could balance the Cosmos. Because of this the Evil “Queen of the Universe” wants her destroyed. Written and directed by the Directors of the Matrix Trilogy, Andy and Lana Wachowski, comes this fast paced action thriller that shows “earth is a part of a very large industry” in the words of one of the characters.


“Earth to Echo”: Also set for release in July 2014, is this edge of the seat thriller from the Tribecca Film Festival that is a band of boys who chance upon an alien that has landed on earth and needs help. Obviously it takes them a while to figure out that the alien is actually an alien and not a bomb after getting strange messages on their cellphones.


• “Guardians of the Galaxy”: Set for release on August 2014, this fun film based on the Comic book of the same name is about a band of heroes that obviously guard the Galaxy against the Evil villain Ronan who is after Peter Quill aka Star Lord, who seeks the same Star Orb that Star Lord has stolen. Quill teams up with a band of misfit heroes like the Root and a bipedal raccoon named Rocket to call themselves, “The Guardians of the Galaxy”.


“Interstellar”: Set for release in November 2014, from the Director who brought us “Inception” viz Christopher Nolan, and starring Matthew McConaughey, this movie is about the near future in which NASA is defunct and governments have collapsed and the earth is nearly ecologically devastated. When a rip in space time opens up the remnants of NASA must explore it in order to offer hope for humanity in terms of new resources. The plot is based on the ideas of Kip Thorne a Caltech physicist.


“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”: Set for release on July 11th, 2014, this movie as part of the prequel series directed by the very capable Matt Reeves left off where the earlier movies left off, and shows a dire future in which humans are threatened as the dominant species by the Apes.

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