Best Combination to Wear this Summer

If any of the 2020 Spring Summer Fashion Shows are indicators of up coming trends for the 2020 Spring Summer Styles, there is a whole lot of talk of making fashionistas sustainable, smart and neon bright.

In fact, at the World’s First carbon Neutral fashion Show in New York, Chanel,  Gucci, Dior, Louis Vitton, Roland Mouret, all had Ecology themed catwalks. Chief highlights below:

  1. And which color stood out the most: neon colors. So be sure to brighten up this SS2020 by adding a dab of Neon bright Yellow, Pnik, Orange, Green, even Blue Neon shades!It may be loud, but if you’ve the Grace and the moves, you can carry and sing, not Holler these shades out loud, why not? Plus always catch attention!
  2. If you do not want loud Neon colors, to draw attention to you, for our ladies, light layers of sheer work wonders any day, which doesn’t mean all flesh, but a gentle cadence of layers involving a drawing canvas where you can iightly blend various materials in layers and colors too. So match and mix!
  3. Also for the ladies, Hot Floral prints on cotton, chiffon, Denim, Chambray  dresses like Skirts and Camisoles can be combined with Hot Pants by Ferragamo.
  4. For the gentlemen in you be sure to get dressed up in your favorite Cotton Chinos, various colors from Biege all the way to Cotton Linen Black and White V or Turtle Neck t shirts. Places to acquire thes are at your closest H & M, or Zaras.

So these are some of the trendsetters we see coming up this Spring Summer Season, and we’ll keep you updated on what else is new, so be sure to stay connected. And Sign up for our Newsletters that are ot Newsy but more fun!

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