Beauty Must-Haves for Every Working Woman

Once you enter the working world, there are certain inescapable realities. You will get asked (and want) to go to dinner or drinks, or a straight-up party (work-related or otherwise), right from the office. And when that happens, you’re going to really, really regret not having the requisite beauty staples on hand. There won’t be time to rush back home for a fresh pop of pink on your cheeks, or a volumizing spritz to your flat hair, and you’ll find yourself wishing you were prepared for this.


Here are 6 Beauty Essentials, which are a must-have for every working woman:


Tinted lip balm

Use it to add moisturize and shine to your lips while providing a pop of color. You can also dab a little on your cheeks before an office happy hour as a substitute for cream blush.





Voluminising Mascara by L’Oreal


Mascara is every girl’s secret weapon! A few brushstrokes on your upper and lower lashes will make your eyes pop, helping you look refreshed going into that afternoon meeting.





Concealer Stick by NARS

With a dab of concealer, no one will ever guess that you have a breakout . . . or were up all night working on that project. Use it to cover up dark circles and blemishes. It is also a substitute for foundation, smoothing areas of your skin where your foundation may have rubbed off over the course of the day.






These are the most inexpensive yet the most futile product because of it’s high utility. At times when you are rushing for meetings and last moment work, keep a pack of Q-Tips and bid your brushes goodbye. Clean smudges and re-apply your makeup with finesse by these Q-Tips.





Hair Serum Drops by Toni&Guy


To keep your frizzy hair in place and add a shine with a flouncy volume, add a few serum drops to damp dull hair. Pull off your snazzy locks for a office party and you’re all set to woo your colleagues.





Perfume by ZARA


You got to smell good to work well and strike that first impression on the client, boss or even the new guy next desk to you! Dab a little and we bet you’re as aromatic as daisies and berries. Exude floral, musk and fresh spiritz to have a summer feel.



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