Beat the Belly

Eat with a twist, work with an ease and play smart. These are the quick ways to flatten belly buzz this winter.

Fibre Fever

Simplest way to keep yourself away from belly buzz is to consume major amount of fibre. Report suggests, that every 10 gram of fibre carries almost 4% less fat. So, start consuming and shedding at the same time.

Cleaning Custom

It might sound not-so-your-type, but dusting or vacuuming is a great ab workout. It will tighten your abdominal muscles while you push down.

Cardio Crush

Forget all, try aerobics and you will be able to burn more than 57% of calories in few weeks, says fitness expert Ayush Seth. Try it and see the effects.

Seafood Sizzle

Seafood is low on calorie and helps fighting belly fat. In winters try to accommodate seafood, especially fish in your daily diet to fight against fat and simultaneously add protein.

Seeds Size

Do you know using seeds in your fat rich food can help in protecting against inflammation. So, next time whenever your consume fries or deep fried food don’t forget to sprinkle some sunflower or sesame seeds to lose some deposition.

Tennis Treat

With every stroke, while you are losing some calories, don’t forget to swing few backhands and forehand to let your abs get toned and create stress on the belly.


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