All about BB and CC Creams You didn’t Know!

One of the must-have beauty products today, BB and CC creams have been having their moment under the sun for quite a while now. Lighter than foundation, these creams first gained popularity in Korea and have been making waves in the beauty world However, choosing one over the other could get a tad confusing especially since both promise almost similar benefits. Fret not; we make your life easier by giving you tips on how to choose the right one for you.

BB Creams

What: BB stands for beauty balm and gives better coverage then tinted moisturisers. They essentially smoothen the skin, moisturise, protect against sun damage and give the skin a fresh, dewy look. Some of the creams also have anti-ageing properties.

Perfect For: Ladies who are blessed with beautiful skin and looking to just even out your skin. BB creams provide the least amount of coverage so they are apt for younger woman whose skin needs a little pick-me-up. A thin layer is all you need to flaunt a fresh, bare-faced look.

CC Creams

What: CC creams stands for colour correcting creams and contain skin-brightening primer, moisturiser, sunscreen, anti-aging ingredients, and sometimes collagen boosters as well. Their main goal is to address skin discoloration issues, and they are generally lighter than BB creams.

Perfect For: If you have redness, dark spots, acne scars etc, then, these creams are for you. You can use these with a little bit of concealer to hide blemishes effectively.

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