Arunachal Designer aims to promote weavers from North East

Designer Yana Ngoba Chakpu, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh, is set to host the second edition of the North East India Fashion Week (NEIFW) in her home state. She hopes that the show encourages more weavers of the region to continue creating products using handlooms, which she believes are gradually being replaced by power looms.

NEIFW, which gives weavers and designers from the northeast region a platform to showcase their creations, will be held in Itanagar between August 19 and 21.

Chakpu, also the Chief Operating Officer of NEIFW, told IANS during her recent visit to the capital to promote the gala: “I am one of the northeast designers who works with weavers from all the northeastern states. There are only few active weavers. So to encourage them and work with them, we met weavers of Meghalaya, Mizoram and other northeast states. For this edition, there are about 25 designers and weavers who are participating.”

“Going to each and every village myself is difficult. We have appointed chief operating officers in every state so that they can talk to the weavers and motivate them and stop them from leaving weaving. It is only during festivals that people buy their work. Otherwise they have to do different jobs,” she added.

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