This artist is making the Delhi Metro ride creatively satisfying!

With more than 7000 followers of Instagram this Delhi based software developer has taken the daily metro ride to a next level with his creative vision and unique art.

Samar Khan is a full-time software developer and freelance graphic designer, whose majority time is consumed in travelling in Delhi Metro from Saket to Noida to his work place. It was then he decided to make it a creative ride and started taking random photos and imagine quirky scenarios. That’s how the first Metro doodle came to him and ‘Metro Doodle’ social media page came into existence.

As he says and we quote, ‘Anything supernatural interests me. Extraterrestrial life forms, parallel realities, Time Travel are few topics that I love to think about.’

Samar believes that there is so much to see, observe and imbibe in the metro that his mind is always on a roller coaster ride of imagination and that is how he finds inspiration in people who use metro.

And if you don’t trust us, artwork on his page defining the varied shades of life speaks a lot.

Scroll to see his jaw-dropping doddle work:

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