Artevouz: Building bridges with art

Art is a medium that connects people across continents, trespassing countries and cultures. It bridges distances by its visual appeal and universal stories. Upcoming artists often find it difficult to establish a place for themselves in a competitive scenario of artists who have already carved a niche for themselves. Hence, there is a need for a platform which puts the spotlight on the deserving work of these emerging artists.

Launched by art enthusiasts, Payal Shah and Bindal Shah, ARTEZVOUS is a young enterprise that promotes the work of upcoming talent (adults and children) through their website ( and also hosts unique theme based art and photography shows in Mumbai, making it accessible to enthusiastic art buyers. Over a short period of time Artezvous has garnered thousands of visitors and hundreds of happy buyers. They have promoted many gifted artists, providing them with a platform to reach the buyer directly through a transparent selling practice. Artezvous refrains from charging a commission, thereby not burdening the buyer with extra charges.

The website hosts an amalgamation of artworks displayed in the past shows, and new works by their panel of talented artists. It offers carefully curated and original, one-of-a-kind paintings at affordable rates adding aesthetic value to homes and work spaces. The wide range of artwork is consolidated for easy viewing with detailed categories, ensuring a convenient experience for clients. In all, it displays a variety of mesmerizing artwork through a user friendly website.


Founders Bindal Shah and Payal Shah, are avid painters and photographers, experimenting in different styles and mediums. Sharing a thought on their ambitious venture, they say, “Our mission is to nurture and promote talented artists enabling them to grow and evolve as individuals and in a healthy group environment. The shows challenge the artists to explore and create original works of art while remaining true to their art forms. Our vision is to bring to the fore the artists, and connect them to the art patron.”



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