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Our urban lifestyle is very consuming for everyone living in metro or a tier 1 city, especially for women. We don’t get time at all from the day to day activity to hit fitness centers and keep fit. Work, traveling, family, society, lifestyle everything plays a role and makes you procrastinate fitness always.

Gym memberships on the other hand are pricey, you don’t get mobility and variety, you take a subscription but hardly go for 40 days in a year, you end up feeling that it’s not working, you end up with a bad memory of financial loss of membership fees, you don’t want to risk big amount now and want to join the gym, and you can’t workout at home, so it keeps being procrastinated.


You need a solution in the current state of lifestyle that gives you freedom of choice, variety of fitness, freedom from financial commitment of membership fees, knowledge about fitness, mobility of booking from anywhere. You need activation tool that helps you easily active on fitness. GOODVICE does it.


What more?

GOODVICE aims at inculcating habit of fitness in you and convert that into behavior later on by helping you start small with sessions and pay-per-session model. It gives you variety of fitness options with variety of facilities so that you can workout wherever and whenever you want.



In the current scenario of fitness industry, the need is realized by urban people to stay fit, the only barriers are the above mentioned in dynamics. There has to be a solution which offers freedom and choice, the age old fitness membership model had to be disrupted and GOODVICE steps in there.

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