Up Your Ante with Doodle Dress

A trend that began with the ever-graceful Angelina Jolie, veteran actress slaying since forever. As she wore a doodle dress with her brooding kids with doodles imprinted on her veil.



Not to be left behind, the new fashionista in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt, recently wore a dress which was adorned by messages and pictures sent by her fans. Rita Ora too wore a dress with motifs that looked like children’s artwork. Helen Mirren showed off her playful side at an awards ceremony when she sported a dress which looked like a child’s drawing book. Designer Farheen Bushra Rehman says, “Doodle is a hot trend in runways across the globe at present. It has a nostalgic factor as it takes you back to your childhood.”




Perhaps it’s because we spend all day with our faces glued to phones and computer screens that things with a hand-done feel are particularly appealing. (You know it’s true when those fingertip doodles scrawled on Snapchat images feel like a special message from a friend.) Designers, it seems, are taking note, crafting scribbled prints and patterns that evoke an art class vibe.

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