Adorn your home with musical instruments for a stylish décor

If you’re someone who is extremely fond of music and love to play the tunes of symphony, this blog is dedicated to you! Use your musical instruments to updo your home décor and style your space ina way, that reflects your character and persona. Each instrument adds a peculiar character and creates a congenial ambience when hung or kept in the living room, kitchen etc. The pieces of art have an amicable quality of becoming vulnerable as they age.

Rhythm on the wall


The best way to store and style your living room is by hanging your musical instruments with a long and string property on the wall. They add an instant beauty and liveliness to the mundane space. Unleash the musical maestro in you as you adorn the pastel walls with musical instruments.

Kitschy Kitchen


What better way to sway in your kitchen as you up the music game in your cooking zone. You can either store them or keep it on the top of the shelf. Make your cooking a fun activity as you style them above the dining corner. Play the strings as and when you pass by.

Resplendent Reds


How about a red painted wall with musical instruments gleaming with joy. Let your instruments become the centre of attraction as you place them on the vibrant walls. It creates a glamorous ambience with a touch of artsy and peppy outlook.

Piano Room done right


Hues and flairs of yellow light add subtle charm to the music room. A little drama never hurt anyone, so why not incorporate a guitar and a few showpieces to your piano room.  Enjoy the soothing vibes as you play in peace.

Royale Affair


When your living room is all about that jazz, style your iconic instruments on the wall. Don’t forget to add your quirky quotient by picking the bright colors and illuminate the room with natural sunlight.

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