Adopt new Ways of Learning for your Toddlers using Brainsmith

Children grow by learning. It is believed that a child’s brain grows to about 90 percent of its adult size by the age of five. Thus, the brain is far more impressionable in early life than in maturity. If children acquire full knowledge based on what they see around them, isn’t it important that we provide them the resources necessary to achieve their full potential? Brainsmith is the answer for you!


Brainsmith is founded by Akshay Jalan and Tejal Bajla. The idea came up when Tejal Bajla, a new mum, was looking to find novel ways and different materials to stimulate her little son’s mind. With a graduation from Kingston University, London and an MBA in Management studies, she took a step further in her area of interest by acquiring experience in early child development by studying courses like, “How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence” at Glen Doman’s Institute, Philadelphia. These courses strengthened her belief that brain growth and development can be accelerated in young children with the help of the right tools and methods. Her passion for finding engaging material and similar interests of her Co – founder Akshay Jalan, with an engineering degree to his credit, was the genesis of the Quantum Cards under Brainsmith.


Quantum cards (flash cards) are large-sized, high quality cards that contain hand-painted illustrations in the front and encyclopaedic information on the back. While we have seen numerous flash cards in the market, then

What sets Quantum Cards apart?

2a)     Quantum cards can be used from the ages of 1 to 10. After detailed research and study, the cards are designed to be used as an early brain development tool which acts as an encyclopedic keepsake when your child grows older.

b)     Each card in the set is 11 inches by 11 inches with the image on a white background which doesn’t distract the child. Each set contains 10 Quantum cards that:

i) Depicts life-like images

ii) Hand-painted and digitally enhanced images. We do not use any animated content.


iii) Includes a special sleeve as a protective casing

c)     Quantum cards help in visual, language and auditory development of your child:


i)Visual – Children have blurred vision initially. As their vision improves, they will get attracted to the     bright colours on the cards.


ii)Auditory: Speaking/singing to your child helps him/her understand language and vocal patters.        Reading aloud stimulates the auditory senses of your child and imagination.



iii) Frequent use of these cards will help your child get a photographic memory of the image.



d)     The front of every card has an image and the back complete details of the same which the parent       can slowly start sharing with the child. This not only gets the child accustomed to the word but details       around it too. (see attached image)

5e)     Currently there are 55 sets of Quantum cards for different age groups covering – categories of fruits, vegetables, musical instruments, Presidents of India, world religion, inventors, etc.

Quantum cards are large format encyclopaedic knowledge flash cards that can be used to stimulate the visual pathway of very little babies, toddlers and kids to give them a wide variety of knowledge. A parent needs to sit at a 2 feet distance from the child and hold the cards in front of them, bringing them from back to front every 2 seconds while saying the name of the figure/object on the card. Slowly, the child gets accustomed to the names and images and will start saying it themselves. This process should be followed at least twice a day. For the future, we plan to bring a new series of informative tools (besides Quantum cards), which will be very educative and informative. Our endeavours remains to create unique differentiated products that would help make learning and teaching, fun for both parents and children alike.”


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