Adobe Launches Cray Fashion Line using Stock Images

Everyday fashion sees new trends which are bizarre and sometimes quite interesting. Taking a step in this direction is software giant Adobe. The same brand we usually associate with designing and retouching softwares like Photoshop. The brand has taken the fashion industry by storm as it decided to use most boring and terrible stock photos on clothes! Yes, and suddenly these boring images have become interesting and hilarious.




Adobe unveiled Adobe Stock Apparel, a clothing line of printed T-shirts that have pictures of handshakes, elderly people using laptops, woman eating salad among other weird photos. And as Adobe puts it, “Tired of laboriously trawling through copious amounts of lackluster imagery?” it is rightly so.




The company came up with this creative and brilliant idea to promote their new royalty-free image service called Adobe Stock. What better idea than turning these boring pictures into something this funny.






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