Add that edgy Indian Twist

Festival season is on its peak and adding Indian touch is a great way to add to the festive spirit. Indianess not only makes the surrounding look good but also give an instant makeover to your home décor.


Pick and choose items keeping the colour schemes in mind. Opt for Indian prints, embroideries and designs. Bandhnis, ambi, warli are perfect for that matter. The fusion look will not only give your abode the much needed Indian touch but will also make the surrounding more lively. “Indian décor themes have already been accepted world over. Traditional range of colors, designs and patterns allows everyone to mix and match with any decor theme to get the desired look. The demand for traditional and classic Indian motifs and stylized forms will never die and will always be in demand due to their evergreen appeal. Several patterns like the kairi work, mirror work, paisley prints, Indian crafts like phulkari from Punjab and Ikat from Odisha have been presented in many ways over the years and have gained popularity world over for the intricate handwork, bright colour palettes & beauty. These prints, crafts & Indian inspired designs lend any space an authentic vibe.


Earthy tones like beige, grey & tones of cream & ivory are universally accepted colours while bright greens, orange, red and pinks are great for colour accents to brighten up your space. India has a rich & diverse textile craft history where you can draw inspirations from to liven up your home. Mix & match tied & dyed fabrics from Gujarat & ikats from Odisha with south indian silks to create a fashionable fusion look while keeping in mind textures and colour schemes that you wish to have for your space,” says Mr. Ramchandra Shastry, Director, RUMORS Fine Furnishings.


Indian décor items add the much needed warmth and eliminate the negativity from your surroundings. We can also use discarded clothes or old Indian dresses that are out of fashion to add in Indian twist. According to Interior Designer Charu Gupta -Interior Consultant of Interior Medini,“To give Indian touch to your home, you can use your old clothes, Sarees or old dress creatively to make trendy curtains. Beads and multicolored old dupattas can be used to make a flowing decoration and light it up strategically. Cushions or sofa covers can also be made from sarees or dupatta. Get new cushion covers or add buttons or a ribbon to old ones to give a new look. Else you can add beads or embroider the cushions on your own. You can even interchange their positions. You can make tie backs for curtains from bracelets or imitation strings of beads to hold them back. This opens up space as well.”


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