Add that edge in your casual-go-to outfit

Are you shuffling through your closet, looking for something cute to wear on a random morning? You’re probably working way harder than you have to. Because guess what? You already have the pieces you need to make an adorable outfit, thanks to your collection of trusty jeans and T-shirts. Let these 5 outfits serve as your inspo.

Go Metallic


The absolute easiest way to upgrade your favorite jeans and tee is with a killer necklace. Picking a flare silhouette over your go-to skinny jeans helps switch up the look a bit, and an easy bag adds some cheerful color to your weekday outfit.

Monochrome with twist


Yaaas, it’s time to break out that longline vest you’ve stashed at the back of your closet. If you can go casual at work — or need to meet with a professor and look, well, profesh — this is definitely the way to do it. A green-on-green shoe-and-tee combo gives this outfit major life.

Chic and easy


You know when you want to look just put together without worrying about how exactly to make it happen? This is the outfit for you. Take your favorite striped tee and jeans, and add a light jacket, killer IDGAF booties, some bling, and you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Wrapped in style


Remember that poncho-wrap cardigan thing you thought you’d never wear again? Make it fresh with a crisp pair of jeans, a gray crew neck tee, and an OTK boot. A final touch of fancy-schmancy earrings will take your whole look up a notch.

Platform Pick


A good jeans-and-tee lewk doesn’t mean you have to go too crazy with accessories. Try a tonal tee and scarf to add personality to your favorite pair of flares. A platform is key here to elongate your leg and show off what you’ve got.

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