By Adab’s Noble Cause is a Natural Awakening

By Adab, an epitome of Home Furnishings in India says “No To Live Plucking”, by bringing to us products which are completely natural and created using different layer fibre technologies in order to offer the same comfort but without using a single feather. A method, long been used to produce clothing and comforter’s by plucking feather’s off of birds, is coldhearted and cruel. Many of us might not even be aware of the fact that we act as participants of the most inhuman industry, and that our luxury in turn causes the bird’s considerable pain and distress. Live plucking causes severe damage, both to the birds and us. In order to attain such huge number of feathers, the birds are kept alive and bred in unnatural ways so that their feathers can be plucked off every 6 to 7 weeks, causing the birds to suffer through trauma and depression. The studies show, every one of thousand feathers are infected, which in turn affects the person who wears or uses a product made out of them.


Abhinnav Aggarwal, Director of By Adab believes that, “It is tremendously important to remove the thoughtlessness and ignorance on our behalf and educate others around us so as to prevent the cruelty which the birds have to go through for our comfort.”

By Adab, is the manufacturer of “State of Art Bed Linen and Bath Linen” in India and has been recognized in both domestic and international sectors. It understands how each and every moment of life is precious and to cherish those moments the brand has to offer a large line of products which gives a perfect support to the body and mind, yet without harming the birds and our environment.


The brand owns many collections, with names which are trademarked, to signify its excellent service all around the world. From ultimate pillow filler to give perfect support to the mind & body to quilts & duvets which can be used in every season, the brand has come up with exclusive collections to fight against live plucking, such as:


  1. 1. Mrs. All Weather:

As the name suggests, Mrs. All Weather, a product which carries a unique six layer fibre fill system, is suitable for all seasons. It can be used throughout the year and is very light in weight when compared to feathers. Mrs. All Weathers is a product in its own kind, anti-bacterial and very comfortable and also has a breathing technology which comes in designer pillow filler collection. It is ultra soft, crumble resistant and highly durable and only gets better after every wash. Mrs. All Weather comes in a variety from 150 GSM (for conditioned summers) to 350 GSM (for extreme winters) in duvet filler, quilts, blankets, travel quilts & blankets.

  1. Mrs. Support System (Pillow Filler):

Mrs. Support System is yet another product by “By Adab”, which fights against live plucking with its unique seven layer support technology. This collection is highly durable, crumble resistant and very comfortable for sound sleep. Mrs. Support System comes in pillow fillers and is as light as feathers itself but more long lasting. By Adab proves that we don’t need feathers to provide us with comfort and luxury. So let’s stop this cruelty towards the birds and say no to live plucking.

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