Accessory Alert: Flatforms

If you turn into turn into Bambi learning how to walk when you wear stilettos but would love an additional few inches on your frame, it’s time we introduce you to the flatform shoe. With a chunky sole, this flats/platform hybrid has the appeal and height of platforms and the comfort of sneakers.

For a while, it had been banished to the ‘ugly’ shoe clan and dismissed as yet another forgettable ’90s trend. But just like Posh Spice, the fake lip-ring and bandana sporting pop-singer from the ’90s, transformed into a high fashion goddess (with her own fashion empire, we might add), so did her footwear of choice.

Flatforms made their triumphant return to high fashion in 2014 with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger and Alice + Olivia. Since then, Chanel, Fendi and Prada have all tried their hand at reinventing this now street style staple.







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