The base is always important

Foundation is the most important thing if you are doing makeup for any occasion. Most of us usually tend to make a lot of mistakes while applying foundation. Dark, light or neutral?- this is the common most question every girl has while buying a foundation. Foundation always has a bad reputation in the makeup aisles. Finding the right one that hides all the blemishes, matches your skin tone and keeps it going all day is something that is appropriate for you.

Lot of people tend to make major serious mistakes while using foundations. If your skin tone is dark and if you chose a foundation which is lighter then that might make you look pale and peculiar or vice-versa. So you need to be really careful next time when you are out to buy your next foundation.

Well, these are some of the basic things you should keep in mind while applying a foundation:

  • Apply the one which suits your skin tone
  • For oily skin- gel and for dry skin- cream
  • Never use powder foundation
  • Always use a primer before you use a foundation
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