6 Reasons why Kindle is preferred over Paperback

For some reading is not just a hobby, but its very much part of their life routine. And with the intrusion of technology in our day today functioning even this habit is dependent on technology i.e. Kindle. Over the years, kindle has over powered paperback, but there are people who still prefer paperback. Here we present you 6 reasons, why Kindle deserves its due:

1. An easy storehouse

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If you are an avid reader who happens to have collection of books but because of your travelling schedule you don’t find the space to  carry your books, Kindle is for you. Kindle helps you carry thousands of books at a single time. So next time you are travelling you can choose the book you wish to read as per your mood.

2. No borrowing

We have been taught to share, as it increases the love and bond. But when it comes to book lovers, one of the major issues is that they forget who they had lent their books to. With kindle there is nothing like sharing, so you won’t regret of loosing any of your book.

3. Read in the dark

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If you happen to be an insomniac and love reading at night, Kindle should be your best buddy. Whether you are flying or you are sharing the room at night, you don’t need to bother about proper lighting. With kindle you can read it in complete darkness too.

4. Dictionary availability

We know how painfiul it is to carry a dictionary everytime you are reading. But with kindle you don’t need to worry about it. All you have to do is press on the word for a few seconds and its meaning appears.

5. No wear-and-tear

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Even if you maintain your books with utmost care, the pages of the books fade away with time. But it kindle you don’t need to care of it.

6. Paper Saving

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For book lovers, smell and touch of the book is something very pleasant, which is all good. But from the environment point of view saving trees is more important and for that we all need to make an effort to save papers. So, let the story or ideas be the tempting point and not the touch and smell of papers.

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