5 outfit ideas for a Dinner Date

Dinner dates everywhere is treated like “ Date with the President”. Let’s have a look at how to make this
easy with these options of outfits.

1. Go beyond black

5-19-2015 1-21-35 PMI agree black is always the best option to go for a classy dinner date.. but also remember that it’s the
most common and sometimes very predictable. Why not go for different shades of Burgundy, Blue or
Grey for a change. These will definitely make an impact and surely it will be something new.



2. Gowns and Long dresses

2Please.. for heaven’s sake get over the “Below the knee one piece dress” for a date. Its totally passe.
Gowns in different cuts and shapes are very much in and yes remember the color choices and always
team it up with the right accessories and shoes.


3. Pencil skirts with Crop tops or Corset tops

This is the best way to accentuate your figure and keeping it sexy and elegant at the same time. Pencil
skirts with crop tops go well when you have a slim and tall figure and corset tops with pencil skirts go
well if you are curvy. Rock it with some high heeled pumps and signature piece jewellery.

4. Color blocking dress

Color blocking is wearing an outfit which has different colors fused together. Yes these come in one
pieces or different pieces in solid colors. Like blue trousers with black or white top with a brown jacket
and nude or camel shade heels or boots

5. Sarees or Kurtas

5-19-2015 1-29-36 PM
Of course you can go for an indo look aswell as there are various options available to look classy rather
than overtly dressed. Its not necessary to be drapped in a super heavy embroideried saree or a kurta.
You can opt for light sarees by various designers or Kurtas in various cuts. They can easily make do for
going indian look.

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