5 Must-Have Accessories for Men

A gentleman’s wardrobe is indeed a work of art and separates the real men from the rest. With the advent of the metro sexual man, style and accessories are no longer just a woman”s prerogative. Looking dapper and stylish is now made easy with the varied options open to men seeking to make a style statement!

To perfect that skill of always looking fashionable, it is essential to pay attention to the smallest details. Remember, the devil lies in the details! Think tie-pins, collar-pins, cufflinks, wrist-wear, brooches, etc. These subtle add-ons are small in size but makes a big impact in revolutionizing your look perfectly. Spruce up any outfit with the right accessories and follow these style tips to know how to accessorize like a pro!

Tantalizing Tie-Pins



When heading out for that important board meeting, why not pin up in style with tantalizing tools and let them turn heads.  Choose spectacular pieces of metallic or wooden accents.


Cattchy Collar Pins



Make an impression with simple and ubiquitous accessory like the collar pin. Add depth and detail by donning a collar pin that holds the two ends of a shirt collar together.

Classy Cufflinks


Up your style quotient by a few notches in the most understated and elegant manner by wearing stylish cufflinks that are used to secure button shirt cuffs together.


Bedazzling Brooches4

Add a little zing to an otherwise conventional look by wearing quirky and classy add-ons like Brooches. Whether you wear brooches in the regular way on your lapel, or accentuate in more fun ways by wearing them on your hat, a cluster on your shoulder, etc., brooches always gives your attire a more original touch.


Wicked Wrist Wear5


Wrist-wear have made a preppy comeback, and the fashion scene this season is rocking the braided wrist adornment with aplomb! Try varied hued leather or metal wrist-wear that add a subtle yet telling effect on your look.

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