5-Minute Snacks with McCain

Hawaiian Burger




Burger Bun   1 nos

Lettuce          As required

Coleslaw       2 tbsp

Pineapple Slice (canned)  1 slice

Salsa Sauce  1 tbsp

McCain Veg Burger Patty 1 nos

Tomato Slice            3 slices

McCain Onion Rings          3 nos

Cheese Slice 1 nos

Butter            15 gms

Veg Mayonnaise     20 gms


Slice the burger bun at the centre, apply butter and toast on a hot plate

In the mean time, fry McCain Veg Burger Patty and Onion Rings until golden brown

On the base of the bun, apply  mayonnaise

Apply lettuce, topped with coleslaw, a layer of tomato slices and a cheese slice

Place fried patty on top, a layer of mango salsa sauce and onion rings

Apply remaining mayonnaise on the top half of the bun, cover and serve


Burger Patty


McCain’s Popular Burger Patty  1 Nos

Tortilla           1 Nos

Tom-mayo   20 gms

Onions (sliced)        20 gms

Lettuce          as required


Take McCain Popular Burger Patty and fry for 3 min until golden brown

Heat tortilla on a hot plate

Cut the fried burger patty into 3 long strips

Place lettuce on the tortilla, keep the patty strips and top with onion lachhas

Pipe the tomato mayo on top and wrap it into a roll

Secure in a butter paper and serve


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