5 Different kinds of Jewelry pieces everyone should own.

Jewelry is something that everyone likes to own and wear.. even if it’s a man or a woman but as we all know “Jewellery is a girl’s best friend ( diamonds of course)” .

jewelry is just not gold, silver, platinum or diamonds.. It’s a combination of all this and making an enticing piece out of them.

Let’s have a look at 5 kinds of jewelry that every girl or a woman should definitely have in her locker.

1.     Ethnic/ Traditional  Jewellery

How about owning a “Gold Naulakha haar” or a Diamond Necklace with similar earrings? Yes these are the most owned and wanted jewellery pieces that are sold and brought by people. Ethnic or Traditional jewellery is a kind that is staple to a particular place or state or a part of the world where they specialize in making them.


2.     Vintage jewelry

Vintage means Classic.. A vintage gold bracelet or necklace inherited from great grandmother or Fore fathers but still worn for an elegant look is a Vintage piece. So make sure that you have some piece passed from your mother or grandmother in your closet. Example: The crown of the queen, the royal diamond set etc.


3.     Bohemian jewelry

How about quirking up your jewelry locker with some uncarved precious stones and gems?  Bohemian or Rustic fashion is unpolished or raw. So get some Gem necklaces or earring and spike up your boho quotient.



4.  Contemporary jewelry

Is not mandatory to be chunky with your jewelry pieces!! Yes it’s a fact.. Up the ante by picking up some contemporary pieces in Platinum or Silver with Swarovski or Diamonds encrusted in them. These are equally elegant and expensive. They are a fad for today’s generation and available in every design possible.


5.     Signature jewelry

No one likes to be loaded with different jewelry pieces all the time. Everyone can look posh and classy by wearing these Signature pieces. These are generally designed specifically under instructions and don’t need to be teamed up with any other piece with them. Example: A diamond chain with an emerald or a ruby pendant or a Tear drop diamond with pearls earrings etc.


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