5 Décor Ideas good for your Home and Budget-Friendly too

With the prices of things sky-rocketing by the day, it has become nearly impossible for the average bread earner to spend on luxurious and fancy decorative pieces to beautify his or her house. Sounds like your story, no? Ours too, we say! Indeed, in this super-expensive world of ours, only the handful privileged few can possibly afford to splurge on ornate decor ideas for their home sweet home. But thats no reason for you to be disheartened! We have enough and more awesome decor ideas in store that are good for your home and your budget. Check out your specially curated list below.

Go Big on Chandeliers


Gone are the days when ornate and bejeweled chandeliers were the prized possessions of the wealthy few. Having a universal appeal, chandeliers have forever been the conversation starters in any household. Intricately crafted to perfection, these flawless pieces of art can enliven the aura of any space with their mere presence. The perfect home decor to add oodles of glamour and a generous dose of bling to your interiors, a gorgeous crystal chandelier at the entrance for example, will undoubtedly catch the attention of your guests.

Bring surreal nature home


Add natural accents in places where your guests will expect the least. Invest in a reasonably priced cast iron planter that will add some serious Victorian style to your contemporary or traditional home setting. Easy to maintain and sure to last you quite a few years, these planters can be kept in the garden or even put up indoors for a charming greenery filled decor.

Easy Breezy window and door curtains


A definite decor-staple in any household, curtains are one of the most inexpensive yet efficient ways of refurbishing your private space. The modern buyer has a variety of options to choose from.

Capture your memories forever


A slightly cliched yet efficient decor idea for your living space is to capture your unforgettable moments in style. Still not sure of what we are talking about? Photographs! Yes, photographs! Bring out all those old pictures that have been happily tucked away in one corner of the wardrobe! Go over them carefully and sort out your favorite ones, get them framed and arrange them tastefully on one wall of the living room or your bedroom.

DIY lamps


Next time you have a drinks party at home, remember not to throw away those nice-looking wine bottles. Bring out your set of colours and paint the glass bottles as per your taste. Buy some colourful twinkling lights and potpourri and put them in the painted glass bottle. Voila! You now have your handmade bottle lamp ready.

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