10 Things that Happen If you’re Dating a Partner for LONG, Long time

Do you remember the time it took you to go from months to years when describing the duration of your relationship? Do you remember when you were not in a relationship with your partner? If that bygone era is a faint memory for you, you know that you’re in a no-holds-barred, long-term, disgustingly comfortable relationship. You may not know it but most long-term couples have some things in common. From public displays of burps to cleaning the other’s food-stained face, long-term couples are a sight for the jealous crowds. Here are 23 things that happen when you’ve been with someone for so long that you feel like a veteran among other “newbie” couples.

Your ideal date is in pyjama, Netflix and chill


Burps and farts aren’t offensive, or disgusting, anymore. If you’ve known each other long enough, you probably have your own way of competing for the best one.


You have a shared friend circle where no one remembers a time when you weren’t together.




You don’t panic and break down when someone asks about your plans to ‘settle down.’



Neither of you freak out when you finish each other’s sentences. It’s creepy for others but a way of life for you. “I was just thinking the same thing” is an oft repeated sentence.




Silences are no longer awkward pauses. You don’t feel the need to fill it with words all the time, and it doesn’t mean you’re bored. You’re just quiet.



You eat like cavemen in front of each other and, at some point, you have fought over food.




Sexy selfies are so old school. Goofy is the new hot.



You enjoy B-Grade movies as much as (or even more than) classic cinema.



You’re totally comfortable with your SO seeing the real you in the morning—in all your stinky breath and Medusa hair glory.’



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